Shuttle servis Beolgrade is a transport company with more than 15 years of professional experience in Serbian and regional market. We rent minibuses and cars, either with or without a driver. Shuttle Servis provides transport of passengers in the country and abroad.

Our business performance relies on preciseness when planning the route and assessment of time required to reach the destination. Pursuant to our clients’ wishes, we find the most comfortable, fastest and safest route, we arrange breaks at locations desired by our clients and we take care of weather conditions expected.

We believe you deserve more than plastic and uncomfortable seats. We believe you deserve a safe, comfortable and pleasant ride. All our vehicles are newer-generation and with AC. All vehicles are cleaned on a daily basis. Our drivers have received professional training and speak English.

Before starting the vehicle, regardless of how long your travel is, our drivers always check traffic reports and closures and alternative direction that may be used in case of emergency. Our motto is: “If we set out on time, we will not be late!”

We proudly underline that our clients very gladly re-employ our company and recommend our services to their business partners.